Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gym in the Park

Yesterday while walking about the town in the last of the afternoon sun, a group of runners came down the lower high street towards the old town and harbour area.

Most of the people milling around were surprised to see this happening in Margate.  I thought it was a great thing to see, clearly local people making use of the space in this fab weather that we have been having.  I few other mockingly joined in but actually you could tell that the runner group were enjoying being out and being together.

But it got me thinking, not only have I never noticed this before (is this a new group?) but the fact that living by the seaside is the healthiest thing you could do, to make the most of your life.
It brought back an article I had seen on the BBC about one of the London parks installing gym equipment in the public park. 

Why does Margate (or anywhere else in Thanet) not have this? 

It would be great to install something like this in Dane park which is already being used by running clubs and other active groups.  But it that is a bit to energetic for the surroundings we could install them in some of our concrete areas. Those are yet to be developed (suggestions gratefully received).

I think with the changing fortunes of Margate surely the next thing is to improve the health of the locals.  I think if I was with a group of friends I would go.

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  1. You're quite right that we should make the most out of our outdoor space when we have the weather! We have a range of equipment that can be used whatever your age- children can learn through play and we adults can keep in shape.