Sunday, 9 January 2011

THREE things - film makers searching for thanet stars AND Allergy tester seeks holistic practice AND a job at Turner





The makers of the phenomenally popular "Thanet On Film" are looking to make screen stars of local people.


Producer Christine Tongue said: "In the next edition of the film we're going to feature people with tales to tell of their times in Thanet. And then we'll find the pictures to illustrate their stories."


The film, which looks at the past, present and future of Thanet, broke box office records when it was first screened in Broadstairs in 2009. Now the film-makers are looking to broaden the picture of the area the film provides.


Christine said they're looking for all kinds of stories: "It could be the first time someone ever came here on holiday. Or if they're native Thanetians, what did their mother and father do? Do they remember when Thanet had trams? What was Dreamland like in the old days?"


Funny, tragic, scandalous or just weird – the film-makers are interested in every kind of yarn local people may have to tell. "The one requirement is that they will make interesting viewing," Christine said.


But the idea is to do more than simply providing entertaining screenings. The group behind the film, the Independent Media Society, is putting together an oral and visual history of the isle.


 "So much of our past is lost because people simply never get the opportunity to talk about it," Christine said. "It's vital we record their memories and experiences for posterity."


"What we're hoping to do, ultimately, is produce a people's history of Thanet – the sort of historical record which future generations will find really important."


The next screening of Thanet On Film will be on Thursday January 13th at 7.30pm at the Granville Theatre in Ramsgate, when it will take the form of a special Ramsgate edition, with extra vintage footage of the town from the 1920s, 50s and 70s.


A special feature of the film is an item on Ramsgate seafront and the scandalous saga of the old Pleasurama site. There's also coverage of the controversy over Manston airport, and interviews with local MP Laura Sandys and council leader Bob Bayford.


The film will be screened at 7.30pm on Thursday, January 13th at the Granville Cinema, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate.  Booking is advisable – ring 01843 591750.


For more details , telephone Christine Tongue on 01843 604 253 or email


From: C
Sent: 06 January 2011 18:29
Subject: Allergy tester seeks HOLISTIC practice to hold clinic


I am seeking an holistic practise close to Margate which would be happy to host an allergy test clinic. The Website below explains what the test is all about, and the e-mail address is for the most local practitioner, who would bring her services to us if a suitable place to perform her allergy clinic is made available.     


Please make contact with Polly directly should you wish to co-operate and offer your establishment as an occasional place for clients to benefit from allergy testing in the Margate area.


It would be great to be able to get this test locally. The test also hi-lights vitamin/mineral deficiency, aids weight loss and resolves many physical and behavioural issues and more.  An opportunity which appears to be beneficial all round!


My kind regards to all your readers


p.s. Of course, if there is a local allergy testing service which is already established, please let me know about it so I can support our local businesses by getting tested!


From: Karen Eslea
Sent: 06 January 2011 23:42
Subject: Vacancy at Turner Contemporary


Dear Colleagues


We are looking for a Head of Development at Turner Contemporary. It would be great if you could forward this to anyone who may be interested.


With many thanks





  1. 1000% percent certainty it wasn't a local person lined up for the job. Done deal.

  2. We at We Make Margate are not on the interview panel, so would not be able to comment