Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to get TDC documents about your area

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[extract] … You may not know that it is possible to "subscribe to updates" within the system; see:

What this does is allow residents to register with the system and then express an interest in a particular committee and/or Wards. Once they have done so they will then receive automatic and direct notification by email when relevant agendas are published. Given your experiences, we have asked the supplier of our software whether it would be possible to also link these updates to the calendar of meetings (as well as the publication of agendas). That would mean that anyone "subscribing" to a particular meeting would be notified directly by email should that meeting be postponed or cancelled. Our suppliers have said that enhancement would be possible, and they hope to add the feature early in the new year.

The best place to check the status of scheduled meetings is the Council's on-line calendar of meetings:

This calendar is "real time", which means as soon as any decision is taken to postpone or cancel a meeting it will show as such within the on-line calendar.  Of course, anyone can contact the democratic services team (or reception staff) within working hours to check the status of a meeting.

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