Friday, 22 October 2010

RACE TO INFINITY: Vote to bring in more money and work into Thanet!

From: Mariette Castellino
Subject: vote to bring in more money and work into Thanet!

Do please pass this on, as well as casting your own vote at  Thank you!

From: Damien Cooke []
Sent: 18 October 2010 12:45

Thanet could benefit from super fast broadband but only if Thanet people vote!  I have emailed all of the Cooke & Co clients, as I think that if the Thanet exchange got upgraded it will bring work, commuters and new business to the area. At the moment we have some of the slowest broadband in the UK and no cable at all!!


I think it is very important for our local paper to let people and businesses know in Thanet as BT seems to have kept this quiet. I will also be contacting TDC etc.  When I voted I was vote number 19!!!! It is now 47!!!!!  Here is letter we sent to encourage people to vote.


From Cooke And Co


If you want 40mb plus broadband in Thanet you have to vote for your area on BT's infinity site.  BT will then upgrade the Thanet exchange to fibre optic broadband - if they get enough votes for us.


We currently get a max of about 4mb to 8mb so just think of the difference to downloads and the possibilities of London clients working from home etc.


It's about time our area was put first for a change as this will create wealth, jobs and will encourage people to move to Thanet. This will result in the quality and prosperity of the area increasing.   Visit the link, put in your postcode and vote for Thanet.   Thanks so much for you help in advance.


 Damien Cooke Msc MNAEA


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